Adult BJJ & Grappling

Adult classes include all students that are at least 15 years old.  We offer training programs 6 days a week with a mixture of gi and no-gi jiu jitsu classes.

  • All memberships include unlimited monthly training sessions.
  • Membership includes all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (gi) and Submission Grappling (no-gi) classes.
  • A gi is the traditional martial arts uniform worn during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have spare gi’s for trial classes.
  • Submission grappling (no-gi) class attire includes shorts, spats, rash guards and t-shirts.

Each class follows a similar format, designed to provide both jiu jitsu instruction and a phenomenal workout. Adult classes are open to all experience levels and belt ranks. The curriculum is intentionally diverse to teach fundamentals to beginners and extend depth of knowledge and advanced techniques to more experience practitioners.

Class Structure

  • Warm Up – Jiu jitsu related physical preparation, think calisthenics with a twist
  • Technique Instruction – All students are taught the details of a technique with multiple demonstrations
  • Small Group Drilling – Students are paired or grouped to work the new skill
  • Technique and Drilling are repeated depending on the class objectives
  • Live Rolling – Students are paired together for matches that reinforce lessons learned. Matches encourage friendly competition while getting a chance to apply skills under pressure and challenge decision making in real situations. 

What to Expect

At Mat Monsters Academy you will find a very welcoming group of jiu jitsu students of all belt ranks, with a wide age range, from teens to mid-50s. If you are new to jiu jitsu it can be a humbling experience. There is a banner hanging in the gym that reads, “…ego is your enemy.” All new students know the relevance of these words. Jiu jitsu is a difficult endeavor, your fitness level, coordination, concentration, and patience will all be tested. But, if you give it time and put efforts in on the mats, you’ll be rewarded.

For new members or visitors that have trained in the past, you’ll find a group that is anxious to learn and share.

Not Just for Men!

Women’s participation in Brazilian jiu jitsu continues to grow every year, and rightfully so.

When I began my jiu jitsu journey, it was mainly about MMA (UFC) fighting. Watching Royce Gracie, use jiu jitsu to defeat larger opponents from the ground was mind blowing to me. I grew up with boxing where a physically larger opponent has a tremendous advantage even against a skilled opponent. I had to see what this was all about.

I soon realized that a smaller person who trained in jiu jitsu could easily control and submit untrained larger people on the ground through leverage, technique, and positioning. I would learn a new technique, and want to get home to immediately show my wife, Amy. She hated it at first. But the application for woman’s self-defense was so strong that I couldn’t resist continue to demonstrate and teach Amy.

It wasn’t until our oldest daughter, Olivia, was around six years old that I convinced Amy jiu jitsu would be the best self defense our daughters can learn. Learning to defend yourself from the ground against larger stronger people is incredibly practical and beneficial for girls and women. She agreed and decided to invest more time in learning the art. As a woman raising two daughters, Amy clearly saw the benefits of the girls learning to defend themselves.

Without a doubt, learning jiu jitsu is intimidating, uncomfortable, and hard. The number one reason I’m given by women for not training jiu jitsu is they don’t like the closeness. It makes them uncomfortable. That’s exactly why you should learn. Would you avoid learning to swim for fear of drowning? The first time someone is on top of you in class and able to control your position, it’s admittedly an uneasy feeling. Yet, it’s in a controlled learning environment with students who have gone through your exact dilemma countless times before learning to defend themself. In other words, you’re in no actual danger. In another environment, however, if you don’t have the control and knowledge to defend that situation, you will be in danger. I tell my students that jiu jitsu doesn’t guarantee you will prevail or escape unharmed in a fight, assault, or altercation, but it will monumentally improve your ability to control the situation.

Empower yourself.